Marrakech : we know the red beautiful city by heart


vendeur d'eau marrakechWhen it comes to fame, Marrakech is ranked third in Morocco, yet for spirituality it is first.
Of course, we cannot miss the famous jamaa El fna square, a miraculous open area, where at night, people from different races and backgrounds come enjoy exciting and intoxicating moments hosted by the musicians, dancers, snake charmers, and storytellers.

If you’ve never been there, you haven’t seen anything yet. It is not reserved only to tourists!!!! . In fact, it’s the very heart of Marrakech!!!!

but Marrakech is not only this !!!


During the day, one must walk every single street in The Medina searching for sensations…

The scent of spices sold in shops; tanneries which smell a bit bad but transmit the harsh reality of work… artisans who sculpt and shape polish wood, metal and even earth.


Here, we touch, we admire, we sense, breath, we listen, and we learn…

Visiting the palaces of the BenYoussef medersa plunges you in the past of this city, and helps you fully understand it. 

Still!!! Marrakech is not restricted to the first visitor, it has to be taken held of, discovered and tamed.

The first visit and the first souvenirs you’ll keep do not necessarily reflect the reality of the city… you need to come back and re-discover… close the eyes to the first sensations so as to perfect the knowledge of the red ocher city… it’s history, customs, and life!!!


It is also essential to move away from the medina in order to discover a whole new world…a totally different Marrakech…more modern… undoubtedly more realistic now !

Such a girl, Marrakech is not revealed to the first one !

So, be patient !

By the way, patience is the embodiment of life in Morocco !

An attitude that’s been forgotten in Europe and you will discover that!

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Jarjeer Mules is a sanctuary and home to lot of animals in Marrakech annuaire tourisme